There could be so many reason why a couple are struggling to concieve. So telling them to just relax and it will happen, is basically ignoring the fact that there very well could be a problem, and in most cases there is. It is important to relax, I am not ignoring that, but please think before you say that comment to someone suffering with infertility. 

It is natural to ask someone do you want children in the future? I was brought up as a Christian (I no longer practice) and family plays a very important part in the religion. I have been asked on several occasions, do I want to have children? I was even told by a leader in the church that I ought to start thinking about settling down and starting a family of my own. I am ok with people asking me if I want children, or do I have children, but I do not like the assumptions that people make. People need to be aware of the many reasons why someone may not have children.

This one makes me laugh when I read it.I have heard from other women this kind of thing being said to them. Maybe not in the same way, but basically telling them that all they have to do is have regular sex and it will happen when the time is right. I have always been a believer in things happening at the right time, but with infertility, it is not quite that simple!