Keep fighting. There is hope!

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Me and my husband married in 2008 - I was 21  and he was 26, we started trying for a baby straight away. After a year with no hope we went to the drs for tests, we then found out my husband had a very very low sperm count - at one point it came back zero! Our only hope for having a baby was to have ICSI! We were referred to fertility Clinic where we had more tests! In 2010 we had our 1st ICSI treatment, I googled lots of info so had treatment and decided to bed rest for the 2ww, eat no chocolate, no pork products - literally everything the Internet said I done (don't Google anything was the words the nurses told me). End of the 2ww wait - yay test came back positive, I was over joyed, I was pregnant! Sadly didn't last long I miscarried at 6 weeks! So after I regained my strength we decided to have another treatment. So beginning of 2011 was the start of our 2nd ICSi, I relaxed a little during this treatment so bed rest for the first 4 days, still no chocolate etc. End of 2ww and a negative test! Our hearts were broken. I felt I could no longer go through more treatment or the heartbreak again so called it a day! A year went by and we moved (to Scotland) - I felt on top of the world and ready to fight for our dream, so decided on 1 more treatment! We were referred to our new clinic (2013) had to have tests again as our last ones had expired! We were ready for our 3rd and final go! This time through the whole treatment, I felt relaxed, just carried on as normal - carried on working, dog walking, house chores (just didn't lift). Time for my pregnancy was positive - excited, nervous every emotion you could think of we felt! Went to our 7 week scan and guess was TWINS! Had scans every 2-3 weeks all was well! At 19 weeks I had spots of blood - referred to hospital, had scan, both our babies were fine! All was going brilliantly and we was over the moon! Then at 21 weeks I had routine scan - this turnt into the worst day of my life - one of our babies had no heartbeat. How could this happen at 19weeks both babies were fine, now 2 weeks after 1 of my babies sadly passed away! Our hearts were broken, I was a mess! All I kept thinking about was the other healthy twin - I had to be strong, I have to carry on for this baby! The next 19weeks of the pregnancy was scary, scans every 2 weeks listened to heartbeat weekly until I felt I could go longer! 4th July 2014 (due date) I was induced, that evening our beautiful baby boy, our miracle arrived safely into the world, followed by his twin who was sadly embedded into placenta so couldn't tell the sex (unless sent off for autosopy). He was a gorgeous, healthy special boy. Me heart breaks for my angel baby and my boy as he gets older will know all about his twin but we won the fight and we got out dream! I nearly gave up! Please don't give up, there is hope! Keep positive. 


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