Putting on a brave face.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 13:00

Putting On A Brave Face

I wanted to write this blog as I feel so many people people who are 'strong' sometimes get left alone and even though they do their best to cope, they still have a hard time like everyone else. I get so many people say to me things like, you are so strong, you are coping so well, you are so positive. These things are wonderful and uplifting to hear, so don't think I'm saying they are not. I am so glad that I am put in that category:) I am trying my best and I am glad it is recognised. However this blog is to inform people that strong people still need to be looked after. 

Often The Strong People Get Left On Their Own

Whilst I am so happy on one hand to be thought of as 'Strong', I also at times find it very hard, because I feel I have to keep being strong because that is what people around me expect from me. Lately I have found myself drawing myself away from people, just because I can't seem to put on a strong face that day. If I feel I can't be strong that day, it makes me not want to see people. I am such a sociable person, and I love being around people. I am natuarlly very confident, outgoing and warm around people. If I feel I can't be that person when I'm meant to be around people, then I would rather lock myself away. Is this a good thing? It isn't good for me, but I just feel that if I let people see this side of me, then they would no longer see me as this strong person. It is hard, because on one hand I'm trying to stay strong for myself, but then when I'm around people even if I don't feel strong that day, I feel I have to remain strong, so they can see me that way. 

I am not the kind of person who likes people to feel sorry for me. I like people to always see the best of me. However lately because of this, I now feel distant from people and distant from my own self, because I am seeing sides to my character that are vunerable, that I didn't even though existed. 

I am not begging people to ask how I am, but I guess I am wanting people to be aware that sometimes when people say they are 'ok' that quite possibly they are not ok. It is good to check in on your friends and family from time to time, you never know how they are feeling that day and you may just be the person to lift them up. Don't forget that strong people also need looking after:) 

Thank you for reading.