Our little Miracle

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 10:15

A Positive Pregnancy Test.

On Tuesday 18th August 2015 I was over a week late for my period. I had a hysteroscopy to check inside my uterus on the 5th August, so I just assumed that I was late because of that procedure. I will briefly explain teh results of my hysteroscopy before I continue on. I went for a hysteroscopy to check inside my uetrus because they found that my uetrus lining was very thick. I was just about to start IVF at the end of May when I was told that my lining was too thick. On the 5th August they gave me a hysteroscopy and they found polyps inside my uterus. They would of removed them straight away but there were too many. I was told that I would be invited back for an operation to remove them. I was due to go on holiday on the 21st August so the operation had to wait until October. 

Feeling Upset But Happy From The Result Of My Hysteroscopy

I went away that day feeling mixed emotons. Happy because after 4 years of trying to concieve they had finally found something that could be fixed, but I also felt frustrated because once again IVF was getting put on hold. It looked like it wouldn't start until at least January now. 

So on the 18th August when my period was over a week late, I just assumed that it was because of my hysteroscopy. I was due to go on holiday in a few days, so I decided that i should take a pregnancy test just to double check. I hadn't taken a pregnancy test for well over 2 years so I was a little apprehensive taking one. I guess seeing a negative result (even though that is what I expected) would be upsetting. 

A Positive Test!

So on the evening of the 18th August at about 11pm I took myself to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. I ddin't even tell my husband. I just wanted to do it on my own. I did the test and left it on the the side. Normally I can't bring myself to look at the result, but this time I had no time to even look away the two red lines showed up instantly! As soon as I saw this I screamed Paul....Paul came in thinking there was a spider or something. I shouted I'm Pregnant. He replied..'Really?'. I showed him the test and he was so happy! We were both in so much shock, but so happy at the same time. We also felt quite nervous at this point though, as we realised that I would of had the hysetroscopy at the early stages of my pregnancy. So we didn't know how this many of affected things. Either way though, I was just so pleased to finally see a POSITIVE TEST after 4 years of trying to concieve. It was a miracle! Our miracle, at long last! 

I rang up the IVF clinic in Manchester the next day to explain the situation and they said they would get us in for a 9 week scan to make sure everything was ok. So as soon as we got back from our trip around europe we went for our scan. 

What a beautiful moment this was! 


9 Week Scan

We went for our 9 week scan on the 9th September 2015. It had to be an internal scan as it was too early to show up on a normal ultrasound. I felt a little nervous about the scan, as in the early stages of pregnancy you can worry about misscarriages. Also seen as we'd had the hysteroscopy during our pregnancy we never knew if that had caused any problem. We were so happy when we saw our little baby on the screen. It was about the size of a grape at this stage, and it was so amazing to see all it's limbs even at this small stage! It felt incredible getting to see this little baby that I was holding. I felt even happier than I'd imagined I would feel! 

Feeling More Relaxed.

Once we could see that our baby was there and it's heart was beating and everything was in good order, we felt so much more relaxed. I now felt ready to be happy and finally celebrate the fact that at long last we had our little miracle! 

I will fill you in on our 12 week scan and everything else very soon! I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and feeling over the moon about our little baby. We are due on the 14th April 2016.

Thanks for reading

Ruth and Paul