Just Relax! This is possibly the worst thing that people say to me.

Monday, July 20, 2015 - 13:00

Just Relax

So many people have told me to 'Just Relax' and let it happen. This is possibly the most frustrating, upsetting and annoying thing anyone has said to me. I know that the people saying it mean no harm and I know that telling someone to relax in itself is not a bad thing, in fact there is a lot of evidence to show how stress on the body can cause illness ect and I know relaxing certainley can help.

However when a couple are trying to conceive there are many reasons to why they may not be getting pregnant. Up until a few months ago I was told that my infertility was unexplained. After 4 years of trying to conceive they were still putting it down to 'Unexplained'. In many ways, this is so frustrating, because without a reason for not being able to conceive, people assume you must not be relaxing, eating right ect ect and I also found myself blaming myself. However a couple of months ago I found out my uterus lining was very thick and they are sending me for a hysteroscopy in a week to find out why this is. Of course I want everything to be ok, but at the same time finding out there is a problem allows them to know how to fix the problem and move forward. So I am looking forward to some answers. 

Although relaxing can help a woman conceive, if she has no eggs, no womb, pcos, endometreosis, problems with her partners sperm ect ect, then all the relaxing in the world would not fix the problem! 

Please stop telling your infertile friends to just relax and let it happen, it is ignorant, hurtful and extremely upsetting! 

Thanks for reading