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Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 15:15

My 10 Month Old

My 10 Month old son on his 1st Saint Patrick's Day (His Dad is Irish)

I just wanted to write this blog to make a shout out to someone who had a great inpact on the journey I took before I concieved Felix. A few days before I was due to start ivf, I found out that my uterus lining was too thick. It felt like my whole world shattered that day. I felt I had held myself together so well over the 4-5 years of struggling to concieve, but finding out that my IVF was going to be delayed took away my hope that I had been holding on to. I felt so lost the day I walked out of the hospital back in April 2015. I went home that night so devasted and just cried and cried and cried. Until I knew I had to stop crying, and pull myself back together. I needed something to focus on. Sometimes people say do something else to take your mind off what is upsetting you, but this time I felt I had to do the opposite and i felt I had to put my whole heart and soul into my Infertility. I needed positive energy. So to cut a long story short after much research on thick uterus linings, I was lead to believe that I may have estrogen dominance and that my hormones were out of balance. No doctor had told me this, but going off my terrible periods, really bad hormones and also the thick uterus lining, I felt this made sense. You can read more about my diet plan and what I did here


I just want to shout out to one particular lady who I got in touch with. She had wrote a book called 'My little dish' and she had suffered with Endometreosis. I shared with her a little about my journey and she replied with something that may of seemed simple to her, but to me it was the turning point. She shared with me her understanding of how diet affects our bodies and about possibly needing to cut out dairy and add fibre to my diet. I had never even thought about this, but everything she shared with me made so much sense. 

She said the following 

"fiber is your best friend, and can help flush out not only added cholesterol in the body, but excess estrogen as well. On the flip side, animal products and especially dairy products, as well as sugars and processed foods can help contribute to estrogen dominance. "

From this moment on I began to do much more research and within a couple of days I started a new diet where I cut out dairy and added loads of fibre to my diet and basically I was clean eating. 3 months later I concieved my son Felix. It was a miracle and I really feel that changing my diet helped so much. I do not know for sure, but it sure must of helped! When I tell people that i ended up concieveing naturally without IVF, they often respond with "So it happened when you least expected and stopped trying" I often just smile and nod, but inside I am saying "no, it happened when I was putting my whole soul and all my energy into this" 

You can read more about the moment that we found out I was pregnant here>


I am not going to stand here and say to all you people out there suffering with Infertility "do not give up" because for some the ending is not so happy and also the body can only do what it can do. I will say though, don't just sit and wait to hear what the doctors have to say, because they only do the main checks and certainley will not go into things like diet with you. 

Lastly I want to thank Sari Dennis who wrote 'My Little Dish'. Thank you for getting back to me and sharing with me your journey and pointing me in the right direction with my diet. You will never know how much that helped me get to where I am today! 

To visit Sari Dennis's facebook page go to the following link


To buy her book 'my little dish' go to this link>>http://amzn.to/2nx2KZH

Thank you for reading